Turnkey solutions offered on Prodea’s IoT Service X-Change enable rapid IoT service creation and delivery. Best-of-breed IoT solutions with a guaranteed quality of service are part or Prodea’s comprehensive ecosystem. Our solutions were developed to solve a number of real problems in the IoT industry such as:

• Empowering service providers to participate in the IoT value-chain past connectivity.

• Providing a vehicle for efficient launch of partner-powered IoT solutions.

• Enabling monetizable and scalable services, rather than just technology components.

The goal of the IoT Service X-Change is to empower service providers with ready-to-deploy IoT solutions that deliver real value for them as well as for their clients.

Prodea currently offers solutions in the following categories:

  1. Connected Product Services
  2. Health
  3. Smart Home
  4. Cloud-Based Surveillance