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U.S. broadband households will buy almost 55 million smart home devices in 2020 according to industry analyst Parks Associates. In the five years leading up to 2020, Statistica predicts that consu-mer spending on smart devices will rise by 29% CAGR and household penetra-tion will rise 2.6 times from 2018 to 2022.


Now is the time for service providers and network operators to get ready for the incredible growth in services needed to derive value from the smart home device explosion. Moreover, operators who don’t offer smart home services risk losing sub-scribers to providers that do. Prodea makes it incredibly quick and easy to launch a smart
home offering that provides the services that consumers want to buy now.

White-label Services to Sell Now
Prodea enables service providers and network operators to offer branded smart home services without needing a large upfront development effort. They can quickly and easily deploy many smart home services configured into packages they choose depending on which markets or demographics they wish to target.

The Prodea IoT Service X-Change platform,
solutions, and ecosystem partners provide the flexibility, hardware choices, and end-to-end service management necessary to quickly deploy desired service offerings. Additionally, Prodea can provide turnkey service management—including billing, provisioning, monitoring, and diagnostics —that is integrated with the operator’s OSS/BSS, CRM, and operational procedures.

Most importantly, once the back-end integration is completed for the smart home offering, adding additional IoT services for other vertical markets is almost as simple as just turning them “on.” With Prodea, all of the service management operations from one service can apply to the others, as well

Prodea Smart Home Service Offerings:

  • Home Security service which can include door, window, or motion sensors, door locks, sirens, indoor or outdoor cameras, lighting controls, and can be monitored or controlled from anywhere in the world on any smartphone, tablet or PC.
  • Home Surveillance service with Prodea’s cloud-based surveillance solution which can include intelligent notifications (camera on/off, motion, sound, night vision & infrared), cloud & local storage, and public or password-protected access to live feeds or recordings.
  • Home Control and Monitoring service which can include home security and surveillance devices plus water sensors, smoke detectors, HVAC and lighting controls—controllable remotely from anywhere and through automated scenes.
  • Energy Monitoring & Management service with HVAC and lighting controls to provide convenience and savings especially for subscribers with high heating or air conditioning bills—perfect for vacation homes.
  • Elder Monitoring service to help family caregivers let their loved-ones safely age-in-place which can include security, surveillance and monitoring devices plus health & wellness equipment (scale, blood pressure, and more).

System Features

  • ROS Home Center (RHC) provides smart home functionality as well as advanced OTT functions & smart device control via a customizable TV interface
  • Remote access from any screen, anywhere to monitor or control smart devices from almost any branded user experience on TV, PC, tablet, or smartphone.
  • Apps built on a single platform for access via Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS and Android
  • Monitor and control 50 smart devices for security, safety, convenience, climate, health & wellness, or energy & lighting management
  • Seamless Integration with other smart home ecosystems
  • Easy setup and connection across almost all network connections types
  • Even easier expansion as your client’s solution requirements grow

There are many smart home systems on the market, but only one with a platform that is designed for service providers and network operators—and only one that can be leveraged to launch services across multiple vertical markets: Prodea. Contact us to learn more about how this solution or others in the IoT Service X-Change can drive new revenue, ARPU, and customer retention.

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