IoT Service X-Change Platform

Everything needed to launch IoT products with valuable services.

Launch secure, scalable and globally compliant connected products with services within 
six months.

Prodea provides the only IoT platform-as-a-service (PaaS) that was specifically designed for manufacturers of mass-market consumer home products. It is comprised of three main services:

  • IoT Service X-Change Platform: For quickly launching connected products with services across global markets requiring minimal development.
  • Insight Data Services: To gain key insights from user and product usage data.
  • EcoAdaptor Service: To enhance product value through cloud-to-cloud integration and interoperability with other products and services.

Prodea has helped its global brand customers launch 100+ connected products—in less than six months on average—across six continents. This was made possible by using the Prodea X5 Program which was designed to work with our three main cloud services to help brands ENVISION [X1], LAUNCH [X2], MANAGE [X3], LEARN [X4] and EVOLVE [X5] their connected product programs. Learn more about X5 here.

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IoT Service X-Change Platform Benefits

IoT Service X-Change Platform

Prodea’s Arrayent IoT Platform as a Service empowers brands to get connected and get closer to their customers by enabling them to connect, monitor and control their IoT products remotely from anywhere in the world. This service creates cloud-based ‘digital twins’ of physical products that can be managed through web or mobile apps. The Arrayent platform is highly secure and scalable and was architected specifically for manufacturers of consumer products. It includes features such as a device protocol interpreter, over-the-air firmware updater, an advanced rules engine, global multi-language alerts, and an extremely low-latency design.

Insight Data Services

Data is the foundation for understanding consumer behavior, product usage, and sales trends. Prodea’s Insight Data Services provide secure access to user and product usage data in a variety of formats compatible with major data analytics environments. Views include point-in-time (Snapshot™), event-based (Stream™), and data model-based (Datasight™) formats. Since many brands have already made substantial investments in business intelligence systems, Prodea provides its Insight Data Services as an easy and effective way to deliver critical device and user data without requiring the adoption of another data analytics tool.

EcoAdaptor Services

After launching a connected product line, consumer brands often want to expand product value by enabling interoperability with products and services available from other companies. The most efficient way to implement this is through cloud-to-cloud integration. Prodea’s EcoAdaptor Service provides brands with an out-of-the-box interface that enables them to enhance their product’s user experience and value through compatibility with other connected products and services. At the same time, Prodea reduces manufacturers’ time-to-deployment and expedites 3rd-party certification processes in a secure and scalable way.

IoT Service X-Change Platform Features

IoT Service X-Change Platform

  • CHOSEN BY TRUSTED BRANDS: Global brands have chosen the Arrayent platform to connect and manage products as diverse as washing machines, air fresheners, thermostats, garage door openers, car battery chargers, and LED home lighting systems.
  • FAST-TO-MARKET: When partnering with Prodea, connected product projects average six months from initial idea to on-the-shelf.
  • SECURE: Prodea’s Arrayent IoT platform is vetted through 3rd-party security audits initiated by our customers.
  • BUILT FOR SCALE: We are scale tested at the software, monitoring, and IT operations levels to support growth and deliver against stringent service level agreements.
  • GLOBALLY COMPLIANT: Our platform and services make it easy to launch products across the world with eight data centers on five continents, global multi-language alerts, and regulatory certifications such as U.S.-EU Privacy Shield, Safe Harbor and more.
  • COST EFFICIENT: Products connected with the Arrayent IoT platform cost only pennies per device per month, which includes 24/7/365 network operations, security maintenance, and much more.
  • QUICKEST ROI: IoT is all about digital transformation for businesses that sell products. We can get your proof of concept product connected in a week, and a production product on global shelves in six months or less. The best ROI comes from the quickest in-market learning, that’s why Prodea is chosen by trusted brands to get connected and get closer to their customers.

Insight Data Services

    Standard options include: Exportable attributes, device types & device name prefixes; Periodicity of reports; Configurability of multiple reports; Custom field transformations.
    Subscribe to: ‘device attribute updates’ and/or ‘alert fired’ messages; Subscribe by ‘topic’ or ‘topic hierarchy’ — example: “All temperature attributes in toaster ovens in North America.”
    Data export in Apache Parquet format into AWS S3 or Azure Blob storage. Can be consumed by Hadoop, Spark, Azure HDinsights, Impala and many others.
    Insight Data Services provide three critical data feeds into business intelligence systems.
    Snapshot provides a point-in-time look at selectable product and user attributes, providing systemwide visibility and trends.
    Stream delivers subscribed-to events as they occur, enabling customer-responsive workflows.
    Datasight supplies data scientists with the formats they need to analyze and discover product usage and user behaviors.

EcoAdaptor Cloud Service

    – Nest Learning Thermostat
    – Nest Protect Smoke/CO Detector
    – Amazon Alexa Custom Skills
    – Amazon Alexa Smart Home Skills
    – IFTTT
    – Actions on Google
    – White label Developer API
    – Coming soon: Amazon DRS & Salesforce
    Custom EcoAdaptors available: Just ask or develop to our API.
  • MANAGED INTEGRATION: Prodea provides the EcoAdaptor framework, open API, development tools, and managed operations to make interoperability with 3rd-party products and services simple, reliable and cost-efficient.
  • NEW USER EXPERIENCES: With EcoAdaptors, brands can now provide advanced product user experiences by creating compatibility with other ecosystems.
  • INCREASED PRODUCT VALUE: EcoAdaptors add cloud-to-cloud integrations that can imbue products with added value both at the time of sale, and throughout their lifecycle.
  • ADDED USER VALUE: The Arrayent IoT platform and EcoAdaptor services combine to enable device-to-device interoperability, providing new user experiences and product value.
  • NEW BUSINESS MODELS: EcoAdaptors enable new service-based models by providing device interoperability with 3rd-party products and services.

Why IoT? Why Now? Why Prodea?

Increasing customer engagement is now an imperative.

IoT can make products better and enhance user experiences. Is your company prepared to compete in a world of expanded customer expectations?

Digital transformation is disruptive. In the last 15 years, 52% of the Fortune 500 have disappeared. The companies who jump in and learn with connected products and services will be the ones who survive.

Prodea manages the ‘always-on’ experience for brands so they don’t have to worry about getting connected, updating firmware, creating compatibility, or chasing interoperability with new ecosystems.

Access new markets, before you lose them.

IoT can open up entirely new distribution and customer communication channels. Are you planning to take advantage of the opportunities presented by the Internet of Things?

Repurchase of consumables via automatic replenishment or direct consumer alerts is now easier than ever. Precision target marketing and advertising is possible based on data from product usage patterns.

Prodea’s IoT Service X-Change Platform provides reliable and cost-effective integration with 3rd-party products and services. This can support direct repurchase workflows, thus extending product value and assisting with new business models.

Connecting your products is easy when you choose the right platform partner.

You wouldn’t build your own email or CRM system, so why settle for anything less than a proven and comprehensive IoT ‘plug-in’ to your company’s enterprise IT systems.

There has been enough proof-in-market from global brands using select platform vendors to validate the necessity for an IoT strategy for almost all product manufacturers.

With over 100 products launched and under management in 80+ countries, Prodea has proven its IoT Services Platform is the one chosen by trusted brands.

IoT is disruption, find new business opportunities while they are still available.

Device and user data are game-changers for finding greenfield opportunities.

It is easier than ever to launch connected products and services thereby organizing your company to discover disruptive market advantages.

Working with Prodea shifts your focus from the ‘plumbing’ of getting products connected, to making better products with new, disruptive services that can cement or reshape your position in the market.