IoT Service X-Change

Introducing Prodea’s Internet of Services marketplace:


Service Operators find that adding best-of-breed services to their offerings is complex, expensive and time-consuming:

  • They end up with ‘silos’ created by partners who address single vertical markets
  • They find it is extremely difficult to blend vertical services together (i.e. Chronic healthcare + Smart home = Eldercare)
  • Typically expensive management and operational infrastructure is duplicated to get each new service to market—slowing market launch
  • This results in a higher cost of service, higher cost to consumers, and lower take rate—resulting in failure of the new service business


IoT Solutions Providers have an almost impossible task selling to Service Operators and integrating to their existing systems:

  • They face incredibly complex management and hosting requirements
  • They also find it difficult to operate within Service Operator business models
  • There are many custom integration and security requirements


Prodea’s IoT Service X-Change™ is an Internet of Services marketplace with underlying carrier-grade IoT Services Platform that makes it quick and easy to add and integrate new services from IoT Solutions Providers to existing Service Operator offerings. Benefits include:

Service Operators benefit from being able to quickly add and integrate new and valuable IoT services to their existing offerings. Operators can choose from turnkey Prodea services or from our best-of-breed IoT Solutions Provider partners. Operators are able to easily blend or mix services to address new market needs.

IoT Solutions Providers benefit by being able to easily distribute their services to global Service Operators and easily integrate with Operator’s existing systems. No custom integration is required per operator, per deployment, or per customer—greatly reducing service delivery and operating costs.

Both Service Operators and IoT Solutions Providers benefit from using Prodea’s carrier-grade IoT Services Platform and related cloud services that provide:

  • Remote control, monitoring, and management of connected devices
  • Data ingestion, reporting and data analytics (Machine Learning and AI)
  • Third-party ecosystem integration and device interoperability
  • Service billing, performance monitoring, customer management, service delivery & diagnostics