The cost of chronic disease manage-ment places a huge burden on the economies of many countries. Diabetes costs alone range from 16%-41% of national health expenditures for the top 10 most affected countries1. But now because of IoT technology, the healthcare landscape is changing and costs can be radically lowered. Herein lies a massive opportunity for service providers and network operators to resell digital health technologies.


The number one problem with chronic diseases, such as asthma, diabetes, and hypertension worldwide, is that patients achieve less than a 50% compliance rate with the treatment regimen prescribed by their doctors2. Key studies of remote healthcare delivered solutions result-ed in substantial improvements to patient outcomes: 53% reduced days of bed care, 30% less hospital admissions, and 28% fewer days of mental health-related bed care. Patient satisfaction also rose to between 86%–93% in three categories, plus per-consultation travel costs dropped significantly. One study showed an annual savings of $2,000 per patient3.

Chronic diseases can be effectively managed by providing tools to individuals along with tracking and remote coaching. Elder patients can also live independently much longer with professional and family support aided by IoT technologies.

Achieving success with remote health services is difficult because of the domain expertise required to shape behavior change. Prodea has lever-aged its IoT Service X-Change platform and partner ecosystem to offers IoT-based health management services that are optimized for service providers and network operators to resell to healthcare enterprises and government institutions.

Prodea Health Service Offerings (designed for resale to Accountable Care Organizations, Healthcare Networks, and Hospitals):

  • Chronic Disease Management service is a patient-centric medical home platform designed to improve adherence to doctor-prescribed regimens. It achieves this by focusing on behavioral modification through education, reminders, vital sign tracking, incentives and social interactions.
  • Home Wellness service helps individuals self-monitor chronic conditions, integrating medical devices (glucometer, pulse oximeter, blood pressure monitor, thermometer, weight scale & activity tracker) to track their daily progress. Data is securely uploaded to a private health portal accessibly via smartphone, PC, tablet or TV. Family members or health coaches gaining access for monitoring/encouragement is coming soon.
  • Elder Care for Independent Living service utilizes the medical devices and network of the Chronic Disease Management system, integrated with smart home functionally to provide a private and robust system that allows seniors to continue to live independently while being unobtrusively monitored by professionals and family.

System Features

  • Deployment architecture designed to be highly scalable and cost effective
  • End-to-end service management ensures a quality ‘always on’ user experience for patients and care providers
  • Clinical portal that tracks and displays patient information for care personnel
  • Configurable notifications that aid patient’s compliance with care plan
  • Patient dashboard for heightened engagement, understanding, and compliance
  • Virtual visits from doctor or other care personnel directly through patient’s existing TV
  • Patient education videos from an extensive on-demand library
  • Wireless connected diagnostic devices – a complete suite of best-in-breed devices pre-integrated for a plug-and-play user experience

There are remote healthcare systems emerging on the market, but only one with a platform that is optimized for service providers and network operators to resell—and only one that can be leveraged to launch services across multiple vertical markets: Prodea. Contact us to learn more about how this solution or others in the IoT Service X-Change can drive new revenue, ARPU, & customer retention.

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