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August 5, 2014

Meet us at IFA, Berlin, Sept 5 – 10

Would you like to meet with Arrayent’s European accounts team during IFA?  We would be happy to setup a meeting.  Please send your requests to Fabien.Jeanneret at Arrayent dot com.
July 22, 2014

Real world “smart fridge” fail story

Beware if your smart fridge requires this low tech accessory [True story, slightly anonymized]  A friend recently bought a top of the line “smart” refrigerator that has an 8-inch touchscreen as the interface to the various “apps” (a family calendar, weather report, etc) that come with the fridge.  The touchscreen also serves as the interface for the water and ice dispenser. The first time I went to get a glass of ice water, I pushed the nice looking icon for crushed ice and when I put my glass under the dispenser a stream of water came out.   I then pushed […]
June 25, 2014

Arrayent customer Chamberlain’s cloud-to-cloud integration with Nest

Chamberlain MyQ Integration with Nest Brings Peace of Mind and Energy Savings to Consumers as they Leave and Enter the Home Arrayent customers like Chamberlain with their MyQ garage door opener products benefit from Arrayent’s robust IoT cloud platform to ease and speed integration with other leading IoT ecosystems like those being built by Apple and Nest.  Arrayent provides simple APIs to securely connect devices in the cloud, even from one manufacturer to another.  Permission to connect devices is still left up to each manufacturer and end customer of course.   Speaking of which, this discussion on this week’s Internet […]
June 25, 2014

Things should still be things — or security becomes unmanageable

GTVHacker recently showed the world how they were able to gain root access to the Nest thermostat via the device’s Firmware Upgrade functionality.  With root access someone with bad intentions could do all sorts of nasty things with the device like sniff home network traffic, monitor whether the user is home, or crank up the temperature.  Arrayent advises its customers to  keep their things as things” (not turn all of them into computers) by using the simplest and lowest cost chipsets in their products to reduce security vulnerabilities — why run an entire Linux OS on your thermostat, refrigerator, lightbulbs, […]
June 23, 2014

Shane Dyer tells NBC’s “Press:Here” how to safely control the Internet of Things

Watch the NBC Press:Here interview where Arrayent’s CEO tells the panel how connected products can safely inter-operate with multiple Apps and multiple Ecosystems (Apple, Google, etc).  Since connected products may not all be designed to connect in the same way, they should be connected to a flexible, secure, scalable cloud that will allow for the aggregation and inter-operation of multiple apps, users, products as the Internet of Things grows over time.  Shane also explains the best ways to keep the IoT safe, secure, and reliable is to keep the devices as simple as possible (reduces number of potential vulnerabilities) and […]
June 16, 2014

Texas Instruments and Arrayent announce IoT Development Kit

Arrayent Announces Cloud Connect Development Kit for Texas Instruments SimpleLink™ Wi-Fi® Platforms for Internet of Things Applications Arrayent Connect Development Kit for TI SimpleLink Wi-Fi enables manufacturers to connect a TI Wi-Fi enabled product to the Internet Cloud in a day. SAN FRANCISCO, Jun 16, 2014 (BUSINESS WIRE) — Arrayent, the emerging leader in virtualization technology for the Internet of Things, today announced its Connect Development Kit for Texas Instruments (TI) SimpleLink™ Wi-Fi® CC3200 and CC3100 platforms for Internet of Things applications. The Development Kit enables designers to rapidly create a virtualized product hosted in Arrayent’s Connect Cloud. The virtualized product can then be […]
May 29, 2014

Arrayent tells Forbes: Smart phones are driving IoT adoption

“The products that are IoT-enabled need to be things and not computers.  You don’t want your fridge to be a computer; you want it to be a fridge.  You don’t want an interface on the device, just the app on your smartphone to control it. Consumers have picked their user interface. They believe using their phone is easy. Keeping objects incredibly simple and having agents in the cloud doing the heavy lifting is critical in designing IoT products,” said Arrayent CEO, Shane Dyer recently on Sanjeev Sardana’s technology blog on Link to article:  Is There An App For That? How The […]
May 22, 2014

Gartner names Arrayent a Cool Internet of Things Vendor

Gartner, Inc. the well respected information technology research and advisory company has just published a research brief “Cool Vendors in the Internet of Things, 2014.”  Cool Vendors are described by Gartner as those having innovative and impactful technology. Co-Author Jim Tully, VP Distinguished Analyst, observes that Arrayent’s “cloud-based approach allows hardware costs to be minimized and supports easy installation by consumers. Basing the function in the cloud
May 6, 2014

Five Steps for Capturing the Connected Customer: Iterate and Grow

Successful software is never “finished”. Successful software iterates by incrementally adding new dimensions over time, strengthening its bond with existing customers in the process. And it grows by combining with other products and services in order to reach new customers.
April 5, 2014

Observations on the Nest Wave Fiasco

As we’ve said before, successful products are victories of verification. But even when things go wrong, the Internet of Things provides solutions that are dramatically better than the alternatives available for non-connected products.