X5 Methodology — Five steps to IoT business transformation

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Prodea’s Arrayent IoT Platform was developed exclusively for connected consumer products. To date, the platform has helped over 20 global consumer brands launch and manage 100+ connected products in 80 countries. Those efforts followed a methodology we call ‘X5.’ The goal of X5 is to get to market quickly with a minimum of custom development and start learning from consumer and product usage data as soon as possible. Along the way, the X5 process, and Prodea’s customer success team, helps manufacturers adjust to the paradigm of having products that are ‘always on.’ The ultimate goal is to help consumer brands get connected and get closer to their customers, enabling them to develop new market opportunities and business models through innovative connected product user experiences.

Companies can gain significant value following the X5 methodology whether or not they adopt Prodea’s IoT Services Platform. But, of course, we believe there is high value in combining the X5 Program with the technology used by the world’s most trusted consumer brands. We hope you enjoy learning more about the X5 Program and Prodea’s Arrayent IoT Platform.

There was a day when manufacturers built their products, shipped them to retailers, and with the exception of a few product returns, considered their job to be done. Those days are coming to an end faster than our expectation of personal privacy. Now with IoT and connected products, the consumer products landscape has changed forever. Manufacturers can now enjoy a direct channel to consumers that is ‘always on’ and they can provide more services, sell additional products, and design a more satisfying brand-to-consumer relationship than has ever been possible. But there are ramifications for companies who bring connectivity to products, adding a new level of complexity for consumers, product developers, and for the manufacturing organizations themselves. That’s why we are now exposing our X5 to the world. Want to learn more? Download our eBook now.