Meet the Prodea Pets and Their Owners

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Prodea is powered by some incredible people who on a daily basis are Unleashing the Internet of Services. In honor of National Pet Month in May, we’d like to share a little about the people who work at Prodea and the pets who love them.


Calli Radsliff likes to exercise her marketing chops on a daily basis. She previously has led other packs of marketers at startups in the IoP space (Internet of Pets). Calli received her degree from the California Obedience Academy and volunteers in her spare time to protect Prodea employees from the U.S.  Mail, UPS, and FedEx carriers. Calli’s owner is Peter Radsliff, VP Marketing.



Tulip Ricca enjoys driving around the Bay Area and California (she’s an excellent driver). She loves wearing a tutu, scoring treats, and indulging in her evening cuddle time. Tulip reports to Prodea’s Marketing Director, Suzanne Ricca. Tulip began her Silicon Valley career sitting in the laps of engineers as a tiny kitten and quickly adapted to office life. She provided inspiration and serenity that enabled the writing of flawless code. Tulip has been know to headbutt Suzanne, thereby, dislodging new creative marketing ideas from Suzanne’s brain.


Bear Bear Munch is 12 years old, lives in San Francisco and sometimes in the Central Valley. He’s a cuddler, will eat everything he finds, including the backyard chickens’ poop. However, he doesn’t like the backyard chickens and will not approach them. He will scratch at your leg to ask for more food. He loves car rides. He hates camping. Bear Bear is managed by Franck Munch, Prodea’s Customer Success Manager.


Hans Lewis is cared for by Prodea’s Senior Software Developer, Andre Lewis. Hans struggles with feeling misunderstood, but is a real go-getter. He finds solace in reading Tolstoy and attempts to photoSympathize with plants who are not his intellectual equal. Hans is currently on a quest to find his long-lost childhood friend, Doug. Doug’s last known description was that he had wings and a stinger. If you see Doug, Hans would be eternally grateful for the update.

Boo and Sparky Dunkle are QA testers that have been testing at Prodea for over 10 years.  They have tested all kinds of chew toys and treats.  They have worked with many name brand companies integrating , chewing and looking for flaws with their paws.  Boo and Sparky went to Austin College in Sherman Texas. They got their start in IT at The Army Times Publishing Company in Virginia.  They later migrated to Texas, working for Compaq, Marconi, AFC, Tellabs and then Prodea. Boo and Sparky have been wagging their tails in excitement with the opportunity to test Prodea’s IoT Service X-Change. Boo and Sparky are managed by Tom Dunkle, Prodea’s Senior Test Engineer.

Izum (Raisin) Kalenikhin enjoys being a dachshund in his family for 12 years. He loves hanging out with his family, home slippers, rubber (or tennis) balls and riding out of town for digging – these things mostly make him happy. He also likes making new friends. If you want to become one, the main key to his heart is to give him piece of cheese or ham, after that you’ll probably be his new bestie. Izum reports to Prodea’s Project Manager, Sergey Kalenikhin.


Sierra Nevada Lam has been part of the Prodea flock from the start and enjoys flying with a great team.   She is a people-bird, enjoys having fun while working and has the goal to keep a smile on everyone’s beak.  However, named after the beverage versus the mountain range, Sierra Nevada does her best not to get into too much mischief in order to stay out of her boss’ office Kathy Lam, the head of HR.








Oliver and Lulu keep the network feline good fur all our connected devices. They handle any unexpected computer and network cat-astrophes and ensure we have purr-fect Wi-Fi. Our IT Director, Lauren Daly, belongs to them.