‘LEARN’ is Step A3 to Gain Insights from IoT Device and Consumer Data

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January 6, 2017
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January 19, 2017
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This blog is another in our series describing Arrayent’s ‘A4 Program’ – four steps to business transformation, which is being unveiled at CES to qualified visitors at our booth in the Sands Expo. This blog looks at the third step of the program.

Arrayent A4 Program - Step A3


Connected products are producing staggering amounts of data –customer and product usage data. When captured and analyzed, this data can help companies understand customer needs, market dynamics, and strategic issues.

Arrayent helps its customers turn that data into valuable and actionable “insights” about users, their behaviors, product usage, and sales trends, in order better serve their customers through Arrayent Insight™ Service.

The Arrayent Insight Service provides secure access to end user and device data in a variety of formats (including files, APIs, etc) and views that are compatible with all major data analytics environments.


Arrayent Insight Services

  • Snapshot™ provides a view into a specific point-in-time. Snapshot provides device and/or user data of all active devices on an Arrayent network at a specific instant in time, pushed at scheduled intervals (daily, weekly or monthly). It provides visibility into the connected product population over periods of time.
  • Stream™ delivers device and user events as they occur, in near-real time, to any preferred data repository. For example, it can monitor error codes generated by a large population of connected products and trigger alerts.
  • Datasight™, a data model view, allows customers to export a device and user data model update to preferred business intelligence (BI) system.

Since our customers – large consumer products companies – generally already have made substantial investments into developing their own business intelligence systems, Arrayent provides an easy and effective way to deliver critical device and user data without requiring them to use another data analytics tool.

Next up, we’ll expose and explore the next step in the Arrayent A4 Program – Step A4: ‘EVOLVE’