‘LAUNCH’ Step A2 When Connecting Products Quickly Across the Global Markets

‘ENVISION’ Step A1 When Planning For Success In A Connected Product World
December 21, 2016
Arrayent Announces New EcoAdaptors for Amazon Echo/Alexa, Google Home, IFTTT and More
January 6, 2017
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This post is the second in our series describing Arrayent’s ‘A4 Program’ – four steps to IoT business transformation, which is being unveiled at CES to qualified visitors at our booth in the Sands Expo Center. This blog looks at the second step of the A4 program—A2: ‘Launch.’

Arrayent A4 Program - Step A2 Launch


From the initial project planning phase, Arrayent helps customers get their products from ideas to market quickly—on average in less than six months! In some cases, that’s years faster than the time-to-market many brands are achieving working with high-priced professional services companies or trying to do it themselves. How do we do this?


Arrayent has over a decade of experience working with global corporations to launch more than 65 connected products on five continents. At the heart of a successful launch for all those products is the Arrayent Connect Cloud Platform-as-a-Service. It enables brands to remotely monitor, manage, control, and acquire data from connected products, while interoperating with other products and services to deliver a better experience to consumers.

The Arrayent Connect platform creates a virtualized device in the cloud for each connected physical device, enabling over-the-air device firmware updates, alerts and notifications, insights from device data in the field, and compatibility with other IoT ecosystems. Arrayent has architected the Connect platform to help brands accelerate connected products programs where the time from idea to on-the-shelf is only six months on average. The Arrayent cloud platform is also extremely secure, highly scalable, globally compliant and cost efficient.

We’ve previously written in detail about our Device Protocol Interpreter that enables device virtualization while greatly accelerating connected products programs by moving most of the IoT logic to the cloud. In the cloud, it’s easy for our customers to connect, maintain and update their devices—making them more reliable and easier for consumers to install and use.

By hosting virtual devices and managing application code in the cloud, Arrayent helps optimize overall product cost, extensibility, and scalability. These are particularly important to the large global brands we work with.


The Arrayent Connect platform also provides developers with APIs and a development framework to accelerate creation of mobile apps, web apps and interoperability with 3rd-party ecosystems. Our API frameworks help developers quickly create user-friendly, customized and secure apps to manage connected devices and appliances.

Arrayent also has an EcoAdaptor service that enables device interoperability with other product and services ecosystems that don’t connect directly to the Arrayent cloud. Our first EcoAdaptor was designed for the Works with Nest ecosystem to reduce manufacturers’ time-to-deployment and expedite their certification process in a secure and scalable way. As we’ve mentioned, many new EcoAdaptors will be announced at CES 2017—and we’ll discuss them in more detail in the final column in this series on Step A4: ‘Evolve.’

When planning to launch a new connected product, it’s important for our customers to have flexibility and freedom of choice when it comes to hardware components used in their products. Our Arrayent Connect Agent is a light footprint firmware agent that is compatible with a wide variety of silicon platforms including, Atmel, Cypress WICED, Espressif, Intel Edison, Marvell, NXP (Thread), RaLink, Raspberry Pi, Sierra Wireless, Texas Instruments, and x86 Linux. We can also quickly add support for other semiconductor platforms in response to customer needs.


Arrayent is certified by TRUSTe, was the first IoT platform to be EU–U.S. Privacy Shield certified, and maintains EU & Swiss Safe Harbor certification. This is important to any global company who wishes to launch connected products across borders.


Experience counts, and after helping our customers bring over 65 connected products to market, we have plenty of that. Ultimately, experience boils down to our people. We have an incredible team that is highly experienced bringing connected products to market. When we work with our customers to help design their IoT programs, we form customer success teams to expertly execute on the New Product Introduction process. And getting a new connected product to market typically costs less than two full time engineers!

Next up, as we get closer to CES, we’ll expose and explore the next step in the Arrayent A4 Program – Step A3: ‘LEARN.’ We believe it’s vital to get to market quickly and learn, then optimize. More on that in our next post.