Wired: The Internet of Things is Everywhere, But it Doesn’t Rule Yet

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January 6, 2016
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January 15, 2016
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Wired has provided a well-informed synopsis of the state of the Internet of Things. As they mention, it seems that every year for the past five years has been tagged as “the year of IoT”. The reality is that we haven’t seen real adoption in the market until 2015. Over the past year, manufacturers and product developers started to get serious about making IoT a critical component of their channel strategy. To do this they have started to enlist the help of IoT platform providers like Arrayent to help move them into entirely new business lines.

The piece suggests the need for true standards, and a framework for security that is flexible but prevents intrusion into the most vulnerable places in our lives. Ultimately, the article points to something we hold very dear at Arrayent – doing IoT, but doing it the right way.