How yesterday’s best-sellers become today’s broken products.

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December 16, 2010
Many Household Devices Are Really Broken, Even Those That Work “Just Fine”
November 7, 2011
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What was cutting-edge a generation ago can seem “broken” without modern connectivity technology. Products need to keep up with the times: You need to figure that out before your competitors do.

There are tens of millions of thermostats in the world, and most of them work just the way their manufacturers designed them to. Which means that most of them are, for all practical purposes, broken.

Studies by energy conservation experts at the UC Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory have shown that the majority of thermostat owners can’t figure out how to perform the most basic tasks with the devices, such as programming them for different days of the week. When your customer can’t figure out Step One with your product, you might as well consider it broken.

It’s little wonder traditional thermostats remain mystery devices for their owners. The average “user interface” is a few tiny buttons and a small, low grade LED screen. Printed instruction manuals usually require a magnifying glass and an engineering degree to understand.

However, a modern thermostat, one that takes advantage of wireless connectivity technology, can easily be configured and monitored using a computer or smartphone. Customer discover that setting up a comprehensive heating and cooling program for their homes is no more difficult than ordering a book from Amazon.

Once they realize the advantages of a “connected” thermostat, they’ll never again be content to stand squinting over an old-fashioned one.

And as they start looking around their house, your customers will start to see other sorts of “broken” devices. Automatic sprinklers going full-blast in the middle of a summer thundershower. Lights that stay on even when no one is around. Garage door openers that don’t bother to let you know the door didn’t shut all the way.

Fixing these broken devices is easy; they just need internet connectivity. And that’s what we can do for you at Arrayent. Our low-cost, easy-to-integrate wireless technology takes all the hard work out of making your products accessible and controllable via an app on a computer or smartphone. That might have seemed exotic a few years ago; today, your customers are beginning to expect it. An unconnected device will soon be a broken device; leave those to your competitors.

By: Shane Dyer, President of Arrayent