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January 26, 2010

Arrayent Called The Cisco of Internet of Things

“Arrayent is an interesting company, because it has correctly identified a gap in the massive consumer products market. According to the company, most consumer product companies “lack Internet-connect expertise.” I agree with that assessment and think that Arrayent is positioning itself well to provide that expertise.”
February 1, 2010

Pinestream Communications Startup Profiles: Arrayent

“By moving many of the communication processing tasks (like NAT firewall traversal) to the Server, [Arrayent’s] gateway reference design has been implemented with a low BOM cost, about $4-$5, less than half the cost of ZigBee gateway implementations, and enables consumer product companies to add an RF radio to their product for less than $2.
May 6, 2010

Arrayent: Bringing You The Internet of Things

“Part of what I find promising about the Arrayent components is that they are really cheap. They typically cost just $5-7 to build. The internet services Arrayent provides are included in this setup and consumers won’t have to pay a monthly fee to use these objects. Conceivably that means you could incorporate IoT capability into almost anything electronic without raising its price very much. Consumers are likely to adopt new IoT enabled products if their expense is competitive. I mean, wouldn’t you pay $10 more to get a DVR you could remotely control via your smart phone?”
June 22, 2010

Arrayent: Turnkey Communication Technology

“Shane Dyer, president, Arrayent, talks with host Peggy Smedley about how Arrayent’s technology is being used in the retail industry and how the company provides a complete end-to-end solution to customers. He also talks on The Peggy Smedley Show about how the interoperability of various components of the Arrayent system, as well as a low price point, differentiates the company from others in the space.”
June 28, 2010

The Arrayent Connect Development Kit

“This led Dyer, who had previously launch ventures such as Propellerhead Studios and ActivePhoto, to create Arrayent, a company centered around the idea of providing embedded systems developers with the hardware and infrastructure necessary to manage devices without the need to invest in a huge infrastructure to host the communications, data collection, security and provisioning required to scale a commercial embedded solution.”
October 7, 2010

Arrayent Listed In Connected World 100

“The CW 100 represents the top companies demonstrating market traction and pursuing game-changing technologies in connectivity. Chosen by the editors of Connected World magazine, the list provides a guide to the companies truly making a difference in connected devices and M2M.“
December 16, 2010

Top 10 Internet of Things Developments of 2010

“Arrayent offers a “turnkey communication system” called the Internet-Connect System, which enables product companies to connect their products to smartphones and computers via the Internet. It counts toy company Mattel and audio/video components supplier Monster Cable among its early customers.” Read Write Web: The Internet of Things, Developments of 2010
October 31, 2011

How yesterday’s best-sellers become today’s broken products.

What was cutting-edge a generation ago can seem “broken” without modern connectivity technology. Products need to keep up with the times: You need to figure that out before your competitors do.
November 7, 2011

Many Household Devices Are Really Broken, Even Those That Work “Just Fine”

Without modern connectivity technology, many of the household gadgets we use every day aren’t nearly as helpful as they ought to be. Once you realize what they should be doing, you can’t help but think of them as “broken.”
November 14, 2011

How Going Online Can Bring You Closer To Your Customers

When you use modern connectivity technology to hook your device up to a Web app or a mobile phone, you’re creating a lot more than a new user interface. As far as your customers are concerned, it can be the beginning of a beautiful friendship.