Seamless Solutions


Prodea understands that in today’s competitive market, the ability to quickly introduce new services and respond to changing needs in consumers’ connected lives is a critical differentiator for telecommunications providers. Prodea’s fast, flexible and highly customizable, operating system is an end-to-end managed service platform that integrates with any telecommunications providers’ existing DSL and Fiber-to-the-Home (FTTH) infrastructures, while also enabling compelling over-the-top (OTT) deployment scenarios. With Prodea, service providers can quickly and easily extend their services beyond their current phone and Internet offerings into security, energy management, home control, healthcare and education — everywhere the connected life takes their customers. This opens new revenue streams by enhancing their current IPTV services with new connected home features.

Prodea is fulfilling the promise of seamless access to a broad range of services throughout the connected home, giving cable companies new competitive advantages. With Prodea, cable companies can go beyond TV-only or triple-play offerings to whole home services without the high cost of augmenting the current broadband infrastructure. New offerings such as security services, energy management and home automation and control can be added alongside on-demand content, TV-Everywhere and interactive advertising. Prodea helps cable companies to tap new revenue streams beyond basic subscriptions and prepare for the connectivity requirements of the Internet of Things.

Sales of mobile devices continue to skyrocket worldwide. With this exponential growth comes escalating consumer expectations for the range of services and content that can be accessed from any mobile device. As the connected home becomes the connected life, Prodea enables wireless carriers to deliver a range of new services to their subscribers. Prodea’s end-to-end managed service platform delivers a full suite of next-generation services over any existing broadband network — wireless or fixed — enabling wireless service providers to embrace new service models in the connected home. New services mean new ways for wireless carriers to differentiate in a crowded market. These services also provide opportunities to engage with existing or potential subscribers for new revenue streams. With Prodea, the range of services that a wireless carrier can offer is limited only by the imagination.

With Prodea, the set-top box becomes a Pay TV provider’s new secret weapon. Prodea’s platform allows satellite and terrestrial Pay TV providers to utilize hybrid broadcast/IP set-top-boxes to extend their services beyond entertainment and beyond the TV. The range of services is limited only by the imagination and can be extended to virtually any device in the connected home, over any broadband networks (even those of competitors). With Prodea, the TV is no longer the center of the Pay TV provider’s market — it is a gateway to their subscribers’ connected digital lives.

As the connected life begins to take shape in the Internet of Things, citizens expect their federal, state and local governments to be as connected as they are. Prodea is the connecting point between government agencies and the citizens they serve, allowing these organizations to reach people via virtually any connected device without additional infrastructure costs. With Prodea, government agencies can provide services themselves, or partner with local Internet providers to offer energy management capabilities, distance learning programs or smart city communications. Prodea brings personal connection between a government and its citizens.

The United States population aged 65 and over is expected to double in size within the next 25 years. This growth will fuel increased use of Internet-based healthcare services, and the world of healthcare will never be the same. Prodea is ready to serve as a connecting point between patients and their caregivers today. With Prodea, healthcare organizations can leverage existing Internet connectivity to enhance care for those battling chronic diseases, increase the effectiveness of remote home healthcare while reducing costs, provide better elder monitoring and care outside of nursing homes and drive health and wellness programs for the full range of patients. Connection between patient and doctor is important, and with Prodea, doctors can remain in sync with each patient’s unique health requirements, enabling instant check-ups and remote diagnosis — reducing the burden on hospitals, clinics and physician’s offices.

Educational institutions looking to enhance services for students and parents, leverage Prodea either as a standalone offering or with a service provider as a value-add. Schools can now create applications to improve distance learning programs, supplement in-class learning with follow up online courses and encourage greater involvement from parents in the education process. Educators now provide personalized instruction no matter where they are located and sync their curriculum with students so that they can work together on assignments in real time on the same screen.

For retailers, the connected home has long been a billion dollar market opportunity gated by high upfront infrastructure costs and deployment complexity. With Prodea, any retailer can be a service provider. Prodea uses retailers’ current consumer relationship to build and bundle turnkey services ranging from communications and healthcare, to entertainment and security. The subscription revenue opportunity is limited only by the retailer’s creativity, with services helping to drive demand of connected home devices. Best of all, any service maintains the retailer’s unique brand, preserving customer loyalty and extending their physical and online shopping presence.

Community leaders are seeking new connecting points with the communities that they serve. With Prodea, communities can contract through existing Internet providers to deliver services ranging from energy management and automation to ongoing information and distance education services. Prodea also opens the door to a new breed of service providers who can utilize the end-to-end managed platform to create new services unique to the needs of each local community. Prodea drives new forms of revenue for community leaders without high upfront infrastructure costs while also supporting the strategic vision and initiatives of that community.