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Full Service Platform

Fast, flexible and highly customizable, ROS® is an end-to-end managed service platform that delivers a full suite of next-generation services over any broadband network throughout the connected home today. ROS® is also ready to serve as the unified delivery agent for the Internet of Things in the future.

Everything in One Place

ROS® allows traditional and emerging service providers to deliver a broad range of content and services — entertainment, education, health and wellness, social TV, home security, automation, interactive advertising and enhanced voice — all in one integrated package that can be deployed over any broadband network and comes with one monthly bill. Complete connectivity of people, data and devices within a single seamless interface.

What does ROS® Do?

Simplifies Life +

ROS® is the first truly agnostic interface for connected living. It brings subscribers’ smart technology together, unifying content on a single platform. From devices like phones, TVs, tablets and PCs to utilities like security systems, thermostats and fire detectors, everything lives on the same platform and speaks the same language.

Fits You Perfectly +

ROS® is simple to program and easy to customize to fit the needs of both businesses and the end consumer. Personalize ROS® with apps, tools, offerings and information to help subscribers seamlessly manage everything.

Seamlessly Connects +

ROS® not only integrates all devices on the same platform, it gets them working together. Subscribers can go to bed and have the lights, thermostat and phone all adjust to “night” settings. They can sit down to watch a movie and automatically have the lights dim and the phones put on silent while they order a pizza from an app on their TV. The possibilities are endless when all devices and technology speak the same digital language.

Gives You Control +

With ROS®, new and traditional service providers can adjust the look, content and offerings they provide in real time, while still allowing subscribers to personalize their experience to fit perfectly into their lives. Seamless connectivity between people, data and devices… with seamless control for service providers.

Changes at the Speed of Change +

With ROS®, service providers are fully prepared for the future of the Internet of Things. Prodea anticipated the ever-changing needs of consumers’ digital lifestyles and designed the ROS® platform to be an open development environment, enabling an ecosystem of partners to continually create new, revenue-generating services.

Gives Rewards, Builds Loyalty, Increases Value +

With ROS®, new and traditional service providers can connect subscribers with rewards, send customized offers, increase customer engagement and build brand loyalty. ROS® offers the service provider countless ways to drive increased adoption of services, usage of the platform and, ultimately, revenue generation. The opportunities are limitless.

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