Connecting Experiences.


Everything Together

Prodea is the connecting point for the connected life, linking people, data and devices via a personal cloud that allows users to securely connect, sync and manage the world around them.

Everything Connected

Prodea has fulfilled the promise of seamless access to a broad range of services throughout the connected home. From entertainment, education, healthcare and beyond, subscribers can seamlessly connect everything in their lives through a suite of valuable content, apps and services on any device, anytime, anywhere.

Have It All with ROS®

Seamless Entertainment

Give subscribers access to a wide range of premium video on demand and Internet channels, plus TV apps for video, music and information, anywhere they go, on any device, through a connection point to the Internet of Things.


The TV Just Got Social

People don’t just watch TV anymore. They engage with their favorite shows and discuss them on social platforms. ROS® gives subscribers the ability to engage and discuss directly on their television screens, as well as on a phone, tablet or computer.


A New, Healthy Lifestyle

Give subscribers the ability to enjoy quality of life services by seamlessly creating an exercise regimen with vital sign tracking, scheduled reminders across their devices, extensive wellness videos, incentives, results sharing, digital support from their loved ones and more.


Digital School & Education

The Prodea ROS® platform elevates eLearning to a whole new level by fundamentally changing the way users connect to the Internet of Things and access education services. Connected living can include extensive educational opportunities, such as live and video on demand classes, interactive quizzes on any screen and more.


Personal Cloud

It’s the convenience of cloud storage combined with the security and control of using a personal drive. Subscribers can enjoy easy access to all of their files and media, their digital lifestyle, anytime, anywhere and on any device.


Enhanced Voice

Service providers can expand available phone voice services for increased connectivity between people. Features include PC, TV and room-to-room calling and integration with all apps and services.


Home Smart Home

ROS® makes it possible for service providers to offer subscribers a seamless home management system by uniting all of their smart devices, with automatic climate management, security monitoring and remote access for devices like cameras, phones, lights, blinds, appliances and garage doors from one simple interface.


All Services Working Together

Smart devices, utilities and appliances work better when they work together. Manage your digital lifestyle with one simple interface. For example, subscribers can start a movie and have the lights automatically dim, the stereo turn to surround sound and all calls go straight to voice mail. Or at bed time, they can have the lights dim, the doors and windows lock and the thermostat turn the temperature down. There are endless combinations and limitless possibilities.


Bring All of Your Devices Together

With ROS®, subscribers can seamlessly control their digital lives from any screen — TV, PC, mobile or tablet — across any operating system (iOS, Android or Windows). Connected living at its best — one interface to connect with and manage data and devices.


Open App Platform

As the digital world evolves, so does ROS®. Prodea’s open architecture allows third-party developers to deliver seamless access to a range of content and services, including creating apps for new capabilities and opportunities. ROS® is the first truly agnostic interface for connected living today and the unified delivery agent for the Internet of Things in the future.

ROS® for Business