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Stay Ahead,
Stay Relevant

Bring a new level of simplicity and harmony into the lives of subscribers by bridging the gap between people and technology and connecting people, data and devices. Prodea allows service providers to seamlessly scale their offerings with future innovation, putting service providers at the forefront and positively impacting the everyday lives of consumers.

Seamless Managed Service products

ROS® is the first truly agnostic interface for connected living. It seamlessly connects people, data and devices. By securely connecting services, content, apps and data in an easy-to-access personal cloud, service providers can make the most of the business opportunities that a truly connected life powered by Prodea, has to offer.

A Platform that Works

Any Network, Any Business

No need to spend money on infrastructure upgrades. ROS® works with any broadband network and existing consumer hardware, so whether a service provider’s business is in-network or over-the-top, it works seamlessly.


Data Mining Gold Mine

When service providers know what users do, they can give users what they want. From single-home deep dives to broad overviews, ROS® shows subscriber usage and behavior across all screens, allowing service providers to customize offerings.


Turnkey Ease

Highly flexible, ROS® integrates seamlessly with existing operational and back-office management systems, avoiding unnecessary investment into this infrastructure and enabling unprecedented time to market with both the initial service and each subsequent rollout of new capabilities.


Active, Engaged & Loyal

The digital world is full of “one-and-done” tactics, but ROS® seamlessly integrates into subscribers’ lives as a useful, intuitive daily tool that allows them to manage their connected lifestyle. It will get them engaged, active and loyal — and keep your revenues growing.


Customizable, Flexible and All You

Enjoy additional opportunities that enhance brand recognition and loyalty by customizing the white-label ROS® platform. Custom deployment options mean service providers can roll out their own content, applications and services however and whenever it is convenient, all under their brand.


Support that Never Sleeps

This hosted, managed platform comes with 24/7 monitoring and support, so service issues are resolved promptly and data is continuously analyzed to avert potential problems. What a nice benefit of connecting people, data and devices…


Increased Revenue

ROS® puts new, higher-margin apps and services at the service provider’s disposal. Bringing it all together and proving the value of the connected lifestyle allows service providers to increase the breadth and depth of revenue streams, increase ARPU and lower churn.


Targeted Ads

Real-time data mining capabilities provide insights into the digital lifestyle that ensure relevant, high-value, even interactive messages and offers can reach subscribers on all screens, wherever they are. The possibilities are limitless.


Built-in Loyalty Program

The ROS® Rewards program is fully managed yet highly customizable, letting service providers drive awareness of specific offerings while boosting satisfaction, revenues and retention.


Seamless Upgrades

The ROS® platform is designed to be easily upgraded in real time without affecting the user experience. That means service providers can improve existing services, or monetize new ones, seamlessly.

Seamless Solutions