About Prodea

Prodea Systems is a technology and services management company (SaaS/PaaS) that is disrupting the Internet of Things market with our IoT Service X-Change marketplace and carrier-grade IoT Services Platform. We enable service providers, enterprises, manufacturers and governments to quickly add and integrate white-label, value-added services from Prodea, and its best-of-breed IoT Solutions Provider partners across smart home, smart city, security, digital health, energy, e-government, and other vertical markets.

Prodea is unleashing the internet of services by having created an end-to-end solution that is ideal for data-intensive industries that need real-time performance monitoring, data intelligence, and predictive analytics. Prodea enables service operators, enterprises, manufacturers, and governments to quickly add white-label IoT services top their existing offerings. Prodea is a privately held company formed by the Ansari family with development centers in both Richardson, Texas, and Silicon Valley.

The Ansaris are inventors with a history of developing groundbreaking technologies in the telecommunications market. They have helped revolutionize the infrastructure we all use today to communicate over wireless and landline systems. Prodea is the Ansari’s latest endeavor to address the challenges of today’s increasingly complex Internet of Things landscape.

Our Mission

At Prodea, we transform businesses by enabling our customers to quickly deploy managed IoT services across vertical markets.

“Just as we correctly predicted the evolution of communications networks by building the first globally deployed carrier-grade voice-over-IP platform, so too do we see a shift needed in the IoT industry. The IoT industry today is focused on connecting billions of devices and users, but it must evolve to enable meaningful services that drive business transformation and end-user value. By building the most innovative IoT services marketplace and platform, we are poised to accelerate IoT deployments across industries and vertical markets. We are facilitating the evolution of the ‘Internet of Things’ towards an ‘Internet of Services.’”

– Dr. Anousheh Ansari, Executive Chairwoman, Prodea Systems

Our Management Team

Hamid Ansari

CEO, President and Co-Founder


Amir Ansari

CTO and Co-Founder


Anousheh Ansari

Executive Chairwoman, Co-Founder and Space Explorer


Andrew Tauhert



Kathy Lam

EVP Human Resources


Ivar Beljaars

VP of Business Dev and Partnerships


The Prodea Advisory Board

Bringing Together the Best of the Best

Prodea’s Advisory Board is comprised of visionaries who drive innovation and move industries into the future. From technology to media to finance to healthcare to entertainment, these industry leaders have a depth and breadth of experience that will help Prodea establish partnerships and deliver on its promise of providing the connecting point to the Internet of Things for connectivity between people, data, and devices.

Amin Badr-El-Din

Chairman and CEO of Badr Investments


Dr. Peter Diamandis M.D.

Chairman & CEO XPrize, Co-Founder & Chairman of the Singularity University


Mr. Miguel Forbes

Senior Executive at Forbes Media, LLC


Mr. Kaveh Khosrowshahi

Partner and Managing Director of Allen & Company


Dr. Richard Merkin

CEO and founder of Heritage Provider Network


Mr. Zod Nazem

Investor and Former CTO of Yahoo


Mr. Hadi Partovi

Co-founder of the education non-profit Code.org


Mr. Marty Pompadur

Global Vice Chairman, Media and Entertainment at Macquarie Capital Partners

Dr. Charles Simonyi

Founder of Intentional Software, former chief architect at Microsoft


Mr. Solomon D. (“Sol”) Trujillo

Global telecommunications, media, and cable industry executive.