Cloud-Based Surveillance

The Video Surveillance as a Service (VSaaS) market is in the midst of growing from $797M in 2015 to $1.8B by 2020 according to industry analyst IHS Markit. Transparency Market Research projects that VSaaS market revenue will grow from 2017 through 2025 at a CAGR of 16.6%.


With growing maturity and adoption of cloud-based video surveillance technologies, service providers and network operators are finding they can acquire new revenue streams and increase ARPU by offering the right VSaaS solution to key vertical markets, including: restaurants, offices, warehouses, retail stores, fitness centers, financial institutions, multi-unit apartments, property managers, hotels, schools, health services and law enforcement.

However, achieving success with a VSaaS service offering is difficult because of the cost, complexity, and competition from consumer-grade systems. Prodea has leveraged its IoT Service X-Change platform and partner ecosystem to offer a cloud-based IoT surveillance solution that is optimized for service providers and network operators to resell.

Optimized for Service Providers:

  • Security and remote surveillance offering can be targeted at businesses of any size
  • Active notifications triggered by motion or sound instantly sent to email or smartphone
  • Hybrid data storage combining local & cloud-based storage for high value security offering
  • Flexible access rights and management alleviate complexity and network congestion
  • Smart analytics run the most complex video analysis algorithms available
  • Optional public access of live feeds and/or recordings provides no-hassle value
  • Fully customizable user experience is available across all screens

Our Cloud-Based IoT Surveillance is Different:

  • It’s the top platform with more than two million users and 4.5-star app ratings
  • Cameras are monitored automatically for online/offline status or events triggered by motion or sound
  • It achieves carrier-grade performance at costs that still enable profitable resale
  • Deployment and support costs less with our cloud-based and distributed data storage architecture
  • Flexible support for different cameras – many makes & models from leading manufacturers
  • You can leverage the same platform to deploy multiple IoT services across vertical markets

Prodea enables service providers and network operators to offer a branded surveillance service that lets users connect any number of locations and/or cameras through one account. End-users can watch live or archived video from anywhere in the world on any device and receive intelligent push notifications triggered by sound or motion. Cameras are automatically monitored and video feeds can be embedded in websites, within apps, or as part of a public broadcast.

Operators have their choice of data networks that will deliver high-quality video with all available features: 3G, 4G, 5G, and Wi-Fi. All traffic is SSL encrypted and guaranteed for data security and uninterrupted service.

System Features:

  • Apps built on a single platform for access via Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS and Android
  • Easy setup and connection across most connection types
  • Even easier expansion as your system requirements grow
  • Integration with 3rd-party business apps such as access control systems, security alarms, and cash registers
  • Integration with corporate systems via an open-source API
  • Surveillance wherever it’s needed including vehicles and elevators

There are many video surveillance systems on the market, but only one with a platform that is opti-mized for service providers and network operators to resell—and only one that can be leveraged to launch services across multiple vertical markets:Prodea. Contact us to learn more about how this solution or others in the IoT Service X-Change can drive new revenue, ARPU, & customer retention.

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