Pentair Case Study

Greater Peace of Mind with Pentair

When severe weather hits, the potential damage to a home could be disastrous. Insurance claims for flooding damage exceed $3 billion per year in the United States, and most homeowners are not even covered for basic water damage to carpet, drywall, electrical, furniture and personal items. Sump pumps are one of the best defenses against flood damage, but when storms knock out electricity, traditional sump pumps are rendered useless.

Pentair Ltd. is a $7.5 billion a year revenue company that sells products and services related to water management and equipment protection worldwide.  To solve the electrical outage problem that causes sump pump failure, Pentair chose Prodea’s Arrayent IoT Services platform. Relying on Prodea’s connectivity capabilities, Pentair was able to deliver the Flotec FPDC30, a connected sump pump that provides battery backup and includes Pentair’s Link2.

The Flotec FPD30 battery backup pump is easy to install, works alongside any existing sump pump, and includes the Virtual Water Assistant, a cloud-based service that continually monitors sump pump activity. As a connected device, the pump can send an alert when there is a malfunction or other issue that is of concern to the homeowner. When a problem is detected—the backup pump is activated during an emergency, home power is lost, or the battery charge is low — the Link2O immediately sends text or email alerts to notify the homeowner, limiting potential flood damage.

“Pentair sought a communication platform that will support a wide range of Pentair Internet-connected products. The Arrayent Connect Platform provides an economic, enterprise-level solution for all our Internet-connected residential product needs.”

– Bob Miller
CFO, Pentair Aquatic