Maytag Case Study

Managing Assets with Maytag Connect 360°™

Maytag Commercial Laundry®, founded in 1958, is responsible for revolutionizing the commercial laundry market with a number of commercial laundry innovations.  These include plastic-ticket activated machines, and a high-efficiency, horizontal-axis commercial washer that used significantly less energy than the traditional top-load model. The newest addition to Maytag’s long list of innovative products is the Maytag Connect 360° system. The Maytag Connect 360 use Prodea’s Arrayent IoT Services Platform to create a web-based laundry room communication and management system designed to boost equipment owner profits.

Maytag Connect

The Maytag Connect 360° system is an ideal equipment solution for multi-unit housing complexes and in university housing. It gives property owners and managers a dashboard for machine usage, problems, and maintenance-related issues, and enables remote diagnosis and end-user alerts. Its ability to remotely diagnose machine issues reduces service costs (which can be more than $100 per call and require multiple visits) and increases availability for users.

The Maytag Connect 360 benefits, enabled by Prodea, include the ability for machine owners to:

  • Retrieve information on money collection and analyze usage patterns;
  • Remotely set up and modify vending prices to maximize profits;
  • Review cycle data and predict maintenance needs; and
  • Receive service code notifications that can be forwarded immediately to a service technician, saving one of the two trips typically required.

Working with Prodea

After an exhaustive search, Maytag Commercial Laundry selected the Arrayent IoT Services Platform for their Maytag Connect 360° system because of its efficient installation process, scalable delivery platform, and our proven track record with trusted brands such as Chamberlain, LiftMaster, and Mattel. Prodea’s Arrayent IoT Services Platform provides functionality to identify and send alerts, provide overall system awareness, and scalability to support millions of connected devices.



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Maytag Connect 360