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Deepak Chopra Interviews Anousheh Ansari on Curious Minds +

November 30th 2015

Iranian Woman Space Hero

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Tata Trusts, Prodea Systems set up interactive digital access on television screens in Rajasthan +

November 24th 2015

Tata Trusts and Prodea Systems said that 75 million residents will now be able to benefit through their partnership which aims to bring more residents of the state of Rajasthan online and enables them to access important information and services in the areas of health, finances, agriculture, farming, education and entrepreneurship

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Tata Trusts and Prodea Systems Set Up First Ever Interactive Digital Access on Television Screens in the State of Rajasthan +

November 17th 2015

"Together we are going to empower people to elevate themselves from poverty to prosperity through education and knowledge,” said Anousheh Ansari, CEO of Prodea. “We have created an entirely new model of community development that, until now, did not exist. We are proud to be able to contribute to a tangible demonstration of how technology can transform the lives of even the most remote populations."

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The first female space tourist looks back at her voyage to the Space Station +

November 4, 2015

Ansari is so enraptured by space that together with her brother-in-law, Amir Ansari, she funded the Ansari X Prize for space exploration in 2004. That prize led to Richard Branson's space tourism company Virgin Galactic, which plans to use an updated version of SpaceShipOne — the space plane that won the X Prize — to bring paying customers to suborbital space and back.

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