Prodea Key Player in Personalized Healthcare in Digital Twin Market Outlook to 2024

XPRIZE Foundation Announces New CEO Anousheh Ansari
October 20, 2018
Prodea Mentioned as Strategic Partner for Creating IoT Consumer Products
November 13, 2018
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Digital twin is an emerging digital profile of a process or a physical product representing its functional and behavioral characteristics used for performance optimization. In the healthcare sector, the digital twin market will enable personalized healthcare delivery and efficient patient monitoring by leveraging data from associated IoT platforms. Implementing the technology for industrial applications can largely facilitate effective monitoring, tracking, and control of various industrial systems and processes digitally. With the ability of predicting future anomalies, digital twin market technology can aid in operational planning for the industrial applications resulting in time and cost savings. One of the key players in the Digital Twin Market is Prodea Systems.

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