‘ENVISION’ Step A1 When Planning For Success In A Connected Product World

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December 19, 2016
‘LAUNCH’ Step A2 When Connecting Products Quickly Across the Global Markets
December 29, 2016
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There was a day when manufacturers built their products, shipped them to retailers, and with the exception of a return or two, considered their job to be done. Those days are coming to an end faster than expectations of personal privacy. With the Internet of Things and connected products, the consumer products landscape has changed forever. Now manufacturers have a direct channel to the consumer that is ‘always on’ and they can provide more services, sell additional products, and create a more satisfying brand-to-consumer relationship than was ever possible before. But there are broad ramifications adding connectivity to products. Let’s just say, ‘it’s complicated,’ for consumers, for product developers, and for the manufacturing organizations themselves. That’s why Arrayent is now exposing its proven, but heretofore undisclosed, ‘A4 Program’ to the world. At CES, we will present the A4 Program to qualified visitors at our booth in the Sands Expo Center and show them our four steps towards IoT business transformation. Over the next four blog posts, we will reveal the A4 Program in its entirety.

Arrayent A4 Program Step A1


How do we help our customers plan for success in a connected product world? We start with an intensive exercise involving key stakeholders in their organization to help them ‘Envision’ what a connected product would mean to consumers and their business. We call this the Envision IoT Business Transformation Workshop and it brings together our IoT experts with company executives in an all-day session where we roll up our sleeves and get down to the business of understanding the goals, implications, impediments and decisions necessary to create technical, organizational, and business success. The workshop typically leads to—or sometimes comes after—a Proof of Concept project which gets a connected product up and running within 15-45 days.

During this critical ‘envisioning’ stage we take a consultative approach and apply all the best practices we’ve amassed over the past decade helping launch 65+ connected products for 17 brands across five continents. The Envision workshop conveys critical and practical information that companies need when starting an IoT initiative.

We start by taking IoT teams on a journey, identifying customer targets and real problems they are trying to solve, making products and user experiences better in the process. We encourage teams to understand the benefits of now having connected products and the impacts they will impart to their organization. Since every device is now a potential point-of-purchase, brands are moving from transactional to service-oriented businesses, where nurturing and maintaining a relationship with the consumer brings additional ROI over time. We work with teams to identify the ‘what’ and ‘how’ of product features but especially the ‘why’ and how that will shape their long term product roadmaps. We take a 360 degree view and identify key business aspects, including…

  • Stakeholders who need to be at the table on the IoT team: IT, product management, engineering, marketing, sales, customer support, to name just a few.
  • External pressures and internal drivers
  • Scope and process: new impacts and interdependencies between departments
  • Data model and business applications analysis
  • Risk and security assessment & management
  • Program requirements development and change management
  • A technology and talent analysis: what internal expertise is available, what is provided by Arrayent and its partners, and what needs to be sourced or acquired. IoT spans a wide swath of technical disciplines: embedded, cloud, security, mobile apps, user-experience design, UI, & industrial design, data analytics, business intelligence, network operations, and more. Arrayent has deep experience in most of these areas and works closely with key partners for the rest.

These are just a few of the key issues Arrayent covers in its engagements with new customers.

Next up, as we closer towards CES, we’ll expose and explore the next step in the Arrayent A4 Program – Step A2: ‘LAUNCH’


We look forward to seeing as many of you as possible at our CES booth #40746 Level 2, Halls A-D Sands Expo. To schedule a meeting, send an email to Arrayent VP of Business Development, Bob Dahlberg, here.