Arrayent IoT Security Week: Jul 30 – Aug 4

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July 23, 2016
IoT Security for Consumer Brands – Beyond the Numbers
August 6, 2016
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Arrayent IoT Security Week

In honor of the major cyber security conferences starting later this week in Las Vegas, this post will give you a sneak peek of ARRAYENT IOT SECURITY WEEK which will run in our social media feed starting Sunday, July 31st. We’ve scoured the Internet for recent stories about IoT security we think you’ll find important. The importance of IoT security is all the more reason why big consumer brands should partner with an IoT platform company that has 1) been delivering secure IoT solutions for enterprises for at least five years, 2) is focused on security and has gone through multiple security audits by 3rd-party cyber security firms, and 3) has other big brands as customers who, because they are in the limelight, have a lot to lose and therefore vet their IoT partners VERY carefully. We’re posting these stories every day from Jul 31 to Aug 6 on Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook but you can get to them all early, right here:

Sunday July 31 – This video is eye-opening (not the normal trade show conference track): “Offensive Internet of Things (IoT) Exploitation Training by Attify” at the BLACK HAT Conference: [here]

Note: To really understand how to protect against cyber attacks, you need to walk in the shoes of the hackers, or at least wear the hat. To that end, the BLACK HAT USA Conference starts July 30th at the Mandalay Bay hotel in Las Vegas, NV. For more info: [here].

Monday August 1 – ZDNet believes that the first big Internet of Things security breach is just around the corner: [link]

Tuesday August 2 – Chip maker ARM and Symantec are building a security standard for Internet of Things: [link]

Wednesday August 3 – What about your home? Here are ‘how-to’ tips for better IoT security at home: [link]

Thursday August 4 – When one of IoT’s ‘Things’ is your car—and it drives itself around—the meaning of security is very different from someone hacking your door lock: [link]

Friday August 5 – Recent Webinar from Gartner analyst Earl Perkins on practical steps to manage IoT risk & security: [link]

Note: If your sensibilities tend towards the deep dark web or just want to see how the other half lives, the DEF CON Hacking Conference starts August 4th at the Paris and Bally’s Convention Centers in Las Vegas, NV. For more info: [here].

Saturday August 6 – An IoT security deep dive webinar from Gartner research director Joerg Fritsch: [link]

If you work for a major home products brand and want to learn how ARRAYENT connects companies closer to consumers, ask for a demo [here].