IoT Success Requires New Design Thinking

The Myth of Home Automation
November 5, 2015
Brands must demonstrate everyday value with connected products
November 5, 2015
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This week one of our most experienced Solutions Architects, Albert Au, was invited to share some of his “IoT Lessons Learned” with an EE Times Blog.

Albert first notes the shift in focus to “system design” since connected products are much larger systems than there non-connected predecessors.  This requires bigger problems to be solved around verification and security.

Another critical thing to understand is “that companies that create connected products are undergoing a transformational shift in their business model that will affect product design. The IoT connection opens up an ongoing relationship with the customer — it’s no longer about driving a one-off purchasing transaction. Now the company can send updates to improve product functioning, expand the options available to customers, and create partnerships with other companies or complementary product lines that work with the original product.”

Read the full article here.