Is the IoT market demanding Cloud-to-Cloud standards yet?

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April 10, 2015
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May 22, 2015
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Our president, Shane Dyer, was recently interviewed in this IT Business Edge article on Cloud-to-Cloud IoT standardization, where he explained that consumer IoT might need to grow a bit before it eventually drives its own standardization.  Big Markets and big revenues drive standards.  Additionally:

The market that does exist is dominated by point solutions—thermostats, garage door openers, scales, lights—rather than connected systems, like thermostats working with security sensors. So it is natural that standards are not viewed as necessary to grow the market at this time.

IoT is complex and is not really “one market”, so it is difficult to near impossible to standardize across all use cases.  “Demand response has nothing to do with home security, which has nothing to do with telemedicine…” Therefore, standards may evolve first around layers like security/privacy rather than device function.

Thanks to Don Tennant for the interview.

-Joe Cowan