Things should still be things — or security becomes unmanageable

Shane Dyer tells NBC’s “Press:Here” how to safely control the Internet of Things
June 23, 2014
Arrayent customer Chamberlain’s cloud-to-cloud integration with Nest
June 25, 2014
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GTVHacker recently showed the world how they were able to gain root access to the Nest thermostat via the device’s Firmware Upgrade functionality.  With root access someone with bad intentions could do all sorts of nasty things with the device like sniff home network traffic, monitor whether the user is home, or crank up the temperature.  Arrayent advises its customers to  keep their things as things” (not turn all of them into computers) by using the simplest and lowest cost chipsets in their products to reduce security vulnerabilities — why run an entire Linux OS on your thermostat, refrigerator, lightbulbs, etc when it opens you up to hackers turning your things into spambots or surveillance devices?  Here’s a good article on Things Remaining Things by Arrayent CEO Shane Dyer posted on GigaOm last October.