Arrayent customer Chamberlain’s cloud-to-cloud integration with Nest

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June 25, 2014
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July 22, 2014
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Chamberlain MyQ Integration with Nest Brings Peace of Mind and Energy Savings to Consumers as they Leave and Enter the Home

Arrayent customers like Chamberlain with their MyQ garage door opener products benefit from Arrayent’s robust IoT cloud platform to ease and speed integration with other leading IoT ecosystems like those being built by Apple and Nest.  Arrayent provides simple APIs to securely connect devices in the cloud, even from one manufacturer to another.  Permission to connect devices is still left up to each manufacturer and end customer of course.   Speaking of which, this discussion on this week’s Internet of Things Podcast on GigaOm had Chamberlain’s global head of Connected Products, Cory Sorice talking about these recent announcements and his company’s strategy for interconnecting with other IoT ecosystems (like Nest).  The idea of keeping setup simple for the users was paramount; for example, when you setup a new device, it should ask you whether you want to integrate it with other devices you already have (“I see you have a Nest thermostat,  would you like MyQ to tell it when you are home/away?”)