EE Times: Arrayent Minimizing Hardware and Software Complexity of Connected Consumer Products

Arrayent at CES Unveiled
January 13, 2014
Talking Siloes and Security with MIT Technology Review
January 13, 2014
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Arrayent enables “device virtualization” for IoT

“Think about garage openers, washing machines, and smoke detectors (which inevitably start beeping in the middle of night). Yes, they can be all connected to the cloud, becoming end nodes of the Internet of Things. Missing from today’s much hyped IoT discussions, though, are cost, reliability, scalability, and security issues, Shane Dyer, founder and CEO of Arrayent, explained to EE Times… San Francisco-based Arrayent, developer of embedded software, is bringing virtualization technology to minimize the hardware and software complexity often associated with adding Internet connectivity to consumer products. Rather than making every device a smart, “headed” device (with computing power, software, and even a user interface), why not leave it as it is as a headless device? “Device-virtualization places most of the compute power and software in the cloud,” says Dyer.”