GigaOM: In the Internet of Things, Let Things Remain as Things

Five Steps for Capturing the Connected Customer: Build Your Minimum Value Proposition
October 1, 2013
Five Steps for Capturing the Connected Customer: Make It a No-Brainer
October 29, 2013
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“There’s a famous adage in programming that goes “Nothing is more dangerous than an idea when it is the only one you have”. Thanks to Moore’s Law, the cost of a 32-bit microprocessor is on par with that of an 8-bit one. Given this cost parity, engineers tasked with creating a connected product often start the design process by deciding which Linux distribution to use and which 32-bit chip to use it on. The unquestioned assumption here is that bigger is better. But is embedding a general-purpose computer into every household device the only way to build the internet of things?”