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April 6, 2012
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To get connected, you’ve got to make connections.

With all the interest in connected devices, established manufacturers are looking for ways to make their products “Web-aware.” That usually partnering with startups who know this landscape. But that needn’t be a scary proposition.

Everyone likes to sing the praises of start-up companies, especially those in Silicon Valley working in technology. The problem is that the same people who like the idea of start-ups in theory might not be very keen on working with them in practice.

We at Arrayent are very much a Silicon Valley start-up, and since we often deal with venerable manufacturing companies that are in some cases more than a century old, we run into this issue all the time. Usually, it’s in the form of the question, “So how do we know you guys are going to be around the year after next?” We think we have a very good answer to that question, and so we thought we’d spend a little time talking about it here.

The first thing we tell people is that connectivity is all we do. We literally live and breathe it. This isn’t some sideline for us, or one of several items in a multiple-choice business plan. It’s our whole company, and we spend 24/7 making it a success. That means you’ll never have to worry about is charging off in some new direction and leaving you high and dry.

Second, Arrayent has been around since 2002. We’ve made it through the worst economic times since the Great Depression. Our tires have been kicked a lot, by some every big companies, and they all ended up customers. Chamberlain. Mattel. Monster Cable. Other big house hold named brands under NDA. No one ever accused these companies of not knowing their businesses. They spent many weeks and months doing due diligence on us, and came away convinced that we had all the connectivity solutions they needed to move fast to add their product to the growing list of “connected devices” that are becoming must-haves in households everywhere.

Related to the above: Arrayent’s solutions aren’t simply a PowerPoint deck or vaporware. You can walk into a store and buy a garage door opener that is Arrayent Internet-Connect powered. Our customers are shipping now, and as a result, we’re ready to help you do the same.

Finally, we’ve thought through all the possibilities, and even have a contingency for an absolute worst-case scenarios. We’ve set up a software escrow service for our software, meaning that in the event something should happen to us, all our source code will immediately become available to our customers.

Of course, we are not expecting that to happen. Far from it: We keep adding customers and sales people; every month our code grows more robust and fully-functional. The “Internet of Things,” is definitely one of the big trends occurring in technology and consumer electronics. At Arrayent, we are gratified that more and more very large companies rely on us to help them exploit the connected devices opportunity.

By: Shane Dyer, President of Arrayent