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December 5, 2011
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February 6, 2012
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Everyone knows how the Web turned the music and movie industries upside-down. Now, the same thing is happening with household devices. If you’re a small appliance manufacturer without a connectivity strategy, beware: You’re already behind your competitor.

Thermostats, garage door openers, lawn sprinklers, home theater surge protector: Those seem like a random list of items from your average hardware store.

In fact, they’re a few of the growing number of common household devices that are being re-engineered to take advantage of the connectivity revolution made possible by the Internet and smartphones. Clearly, the Web is not just for computers any more.

Consider LiftMaster, the best-known name in automatic garage door openers. Its new line of openers comes equipped with “MyQ” technology. Working in parallel with a traditional “clicker” on your sun visor, MyQ can warns owners when their garage door didn’t close properly. The LiftMaster smartphone app allows them to close the door, even when far from home remotely from anywhere in the world.

LiftMaster users love the peace of mind of never having to worry about whether the garage door closed properly after they hurried off to work. But MyQ is good for LiftMaster, too. Being online gives the company a new way of staying in touch with its customers, providing them with easy tech support and alerting them to new services and improved products.

The ongoing live “conversation” between LiftMaster and its customers is a far cry from the old days, when the company only heard from the small fraction of users who bothered to return their warranty cards.

Thanks to Arrayent, LiftMaster was able to bring these next-generation capabilities to its product line without needing to hire a team of experts in sever architecture, networking, or wireless connectivity. At Arrayent, we solve the engineering challenges involved in making a product Web-aware, leaving your engineers and designers to work on the exciting consumer experiences that they know best.

Arrayent’s turn-key technology gets you online, fast, with minimal reengineering or redesign. It’s where your customers are expecting you to be.

By: Shane Dyer, President of Arrayent